The Flaw: Who is Really the Captive?

Lucas Levey, a smart teenager, discovers that any living soul on our planet could be wiped out unless he does something to stop it.
The virus has no fail-safe design and can not be reverse-engineered. It first attacks the human nervous system, then causes uncontrollable rage fits, then death.

When tainted, none lives.

Nobody had any idea that even a virus produced by a naive 14-year-old had risen. People write off and leave the mass-shooting string to undiagnosed mental illness. But the more overlooked, the worse it becomes.

It started with Columbine, sweeping across the US at breakneck speed. By the year 2000, mass-shooting sound echoes through every state.

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Zodiac The Killer Cop

Far more vicious than any predator in the wild, he stood in the open amidst his pool of potential victims, his cunning eyes looking, searching for his prize, what – not who – he considered his next victim.Serial killers were, are, and always will be what is inherently programmed in their DNA. For a while, that genetic predisposition to kill may lay dormant or be masked by some socially acceptable or even commendable profession – a teacher, lawyer, cop, mailman, etc. – but, ultimately, it’s the desire to kill that prevails.
Unlike the Hollywoodian stereotypical figure of a desperately awkward sociopath lurking in the shadows, most serial killers are on the surface as ordinary as you and me. They work, socialize, and live their lives in a mundane, traditional manner. However, what is not normal in them is their desire to cause pain, enjoy torturing, disfiguring, and eventually murdering their victims.
They are sly, lethal animals who will rule deadly tumult upon anybody unfortunate enough to cross their paths, and they do it unnoticed. They are the hunters in our midst, murdering without regret, compassion, or blame. They are the monsters we are cautioned about as children, and they are out there ready to pounce.The Zodiac Killer was one such monster. Undetected, sometimes protected, but ultimately undiscovered by the law… until now.

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